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At 19:24 19/04/2005, Karl Dubost wrote:
>Le 19 avr. 2005,  04:12, Nils Ulltveit-Moe a crit :
>>The toaster screw example triggered my creativity. Here is an example
>>how it might be done:
>That's a cool example. I think when we are thinking to the development of EARL. We should always do this kind of exercise.
>        - How do we use it with W3C Technologies?
>        - How do we use it with something completely unrelated to markup languages?

Apologies for butting in on this so late, but I don't understand why it is so important
that EARL should support reports for anything outside the Web. After all, this is a
WG of the World Wide WEB Consortium, not the World Wide Stuff Consortium or the 
Universe Consortium (I know this may sound tart). When the Style Activity was working
on CSS, they probably did not care about styling toasters or space shuttles, but
only markup languages. I appreciate that a more generic EARL would be useful, but 
I think the primary focus should be on web technologies and that we should leave 
features for other technologies to other interested parties (e.g. the Toaster Museum
Foundation at, to which some of you refer in code samples ;-)



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