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> At 19:24 19/04/2005, Karl Dubost wrote:
>> (...)
>> Le 19 avr. 2005, �  04:12, Nils Ulltveit-Moe a �İcrit :
>>> The toaster screw example triggered my creativity. Here is an example
>>> how it might be done:
>> That's a cool example. I think when we are thinking to the development  
>> of EARL. We should always do this kind of exercise.

> Apologies for butting in on this so late, but I don't understand why it  
> is so important
> that EARL should support reports for anything outside the Web. After  
> all, this is a
> WG of the World Wide WEB Consortium, not the World Wide Stuff Consortium

Hi Christophe,

in general I agree with you. But I think one of the important use cases  
(the one that got me to get Danbri tohelp me produce one of the prototype  
EARL things) insideW3C is describing software tools that are not  
necessarily themselves on the Web.

So we need to be ableto do some moderately web-less reporting. The toaster  
example is beyond the real scope of EARL, but for a 5 minute hack it seems  
ike a useful test of our model - if we can clearly explain how to write an  
EARL report for a toaster then we have some hope of writing one for the  
conformance of a specification to SpecGL (which for the purpose of the  
exercise isn't really about things on the web either).

Although actually writing the reports for SpecGL would be a better test  
case really :-)



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