Re: Locating In EARL Example

Shadi Abou-Zahra wrote:

> This means, each earl:location describes one occurrence of the result in a subject but there could be any number of occurrences in a single assertion. An occurrence could also be composed of more than one part, for example image maps was suggested.

Just to make this clear: My proposal was

* for each instance of error/warning/etc. create one location
* if an instance of error/warning/etc. needs more than one locating 
thing, use a Seq

In order to use rdf:parseType="Collection", it may be necessary to write

     <earl:locations rdf:parseType="Collection">
         <earl:near rdf:parseType="Literal"><![CDATA[<area 
href="foo.jpg" alt="foo">]]></earl:near>
         <earl:near rdf:parseType="Literal"><![CDATA[<li><a 

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