Re: multiple results in an assertion Re: Locating In EARL Example

Hi Charles,

> This assumes that all the other factors are the same (result, confidence 
> if we keep it, etc).

Agree. We need to note that explicitly in the Spec.

> Which is probably ging to work out feasible.

I think so too.

> Where there are different results for the same test (a page has 15 
> images, and 11 have alt attributes, and two of them use the filename 
> "espacio.jpg", and one of them is 4k of text) there will still be 
> multiple results I guess.

This example isn't very good. I guess the "src" will be different if the filenames are the same. Much more, the same image could be used as a logo and as a button or something. In that case the testcase should be different.

> But cmpacting some is probably better than compacting none...

That is the point. Where not feasible to compact, then a new assertion should be generated.


Received on Wednesday, 6 April 2005 14:42:47 UTC