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>>>>   I see where Dave is coming from here, but I don't think that the toolbox
>>>>   should be in the Process document. We could easily have a library of
>>>>   things that charters (which could also use being shorter and with a lot
>>>>   less useless boilerplate) could simply link to.
>>>   Yes. In the process document I propose that we have about one line, saying that charters can include requirements on participants. I think it makes sense to state that they must be consistently applied - "what seems fair to the chair" doesn't strike me as quite good enough for open and transparent processes.
>>>   But since any such charter still has to get through AC review, I don't suppose we need to guess in advance what rules the AC are likely to think are fair and reasonable, since it is not clear what groups might want.
>> Right.  But since we may want to document Good Standing at least for TAG and AB, we may as well document it so other charters could (hypothetically, I think it unlikely) simply point and say “we use that”.
> I'd personally be pleased to hear that the chairs of the TAG and/or AB are considering Good Standing requirements in their groups. But I don't believe that has been the case for many years.

It would be extremely awkward for the AB Chair to declare an AB Member 
to be not in good standing.  The AB is unique in that all of its Members 
are elected by the AC, so a bad standing declaration could be viewed as 
a coup against the AC election.  Moreover, there are other means to 
remove non-functioning AB Members not available to other Groups - namely 
that they get voted out at the next opportunity.

>>   Offering pre-packaged ready-to-eat good-standing-ramen is easier than cooking it yourself.  Exactly which shelf that goes on I care very little.
> Indeed. But a handy kitchen shelf seems more reasonable than building one into the load-bearing structure…
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