agenda requests...

Hi, I request the following be put on the agenda asap:

ISSUE-34 (good standing). There has been significant discussion on the list this week.

ISSUE-64 (errata page). I think this can be closed, since we have a pointer to the editor's draft and the issue tracker, which collectively serve the function

ISSUE-97 (should the AB be called a "Board"). I think we can close this with the answer "probably not, but changing it doesn't produce enough benefit to justify the work"

ISSUE-115 (updates of activities). I hope my proposal on list can be adopted

ISSUE-121 (information about what is known of the IPR in an ecosystem). I hope my proposal on list can be adopted.

ISSUE-124 (blacklist WHATWG as normative references). I think this can be summarily closed - there seems to be no support for it anywhere, plenty of people have spoken against it.

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Received on Thursday, 18 September 2014 10:52:34 UTC