New draft available

Hi folks, sorry for the delays...

There is a new draft available at last.

As always, changelogs are at and the draft (dated 14 September) is at

I have removed pretty much all the rest of Activities. There are two open issues on them, which both have associated action items and proposals:
For ISSUE-115 I proposed a one-word change in the AC meeting section that would retain the requirement that members SHOULD have up to date information avaialble each AC meeting.
For ISSUE-121 I proposed to move the requirement for information about IP considerations from proposing an Activity to proposing a charter.

There are also a couple of places that still refer to activities. They are highlighted in the draft, and I believe that they can be resolved with editorial issues, but if anyone thinks tey would imply substantive changes feel free to raise an issue.

I'll now write some proposals to cut out a few more sections... and if I get round to it, to rationalise the information on meetings.



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