Re: w3process-ISSUE-126 (autoWDpublish): Automatic WD publishing tool may change the W3C center of gravity around WGs [Process Document]

On September 12, 2014 at 7:17:04 PM, Karl Dubost ( wrote:
> > How do you track contributors?

A contributor is someone who makes an explicit change to the document (through a PR). 

> How do you record that someone has contributed without geeky  
> skills?

In the acknowledgements using traditional means (though GH's API possibly provides a way to get the names of everyone who has either created a bug or commented on a any bug, if necessary - not that we don't go this hardcore in normal WG's. ). 

> Another topic which is important to me (#rustyweb):
> How do we not lose the historical memory of these projects?

We can have GH send an email for everything to a project list. That would create a complete archive of all bugs filed, comments, made, etc... but without needing to flood a mailing list. Like: 


> Commits are fine, but issues management and comments, etc, have  
> no backup mechanisms in the current github. I wish there would  
> be an interoperable protocol and formats to share those so you  
> could back them up.

Well, the above should work to capture all the important things.  

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