CfC: Close ISSUE-146

CG chair hat on.

This is a call for consensus on the proposition:

  Close issue 146.

Active responses (agreement, disagreement or abstention) are preferred, and should be sent in reply to this mail before midnight on 3 November 2014 (any real time zone). Silence will be considered assent (rather than active agreement).

Issue 146 is "state the obvious: the policy does not and cannot override local laws and regulations, particularly those regarding employment".

The proposal to close it rests on two points:
1. That is already obvious in the Procedures, where the first sentence is "Important: These procedures do not substitute for intervention by legal authorities. Anyone may seek advice from law enforcement authorities at any time and should do so immediately if a situation is dangerous or potentially so." [1]

2. The Positive Work Environment Task Force has declined to work within this group. Their reasons include that it is required to negotiate with the legal departments of the various W3C hosts (as implied by this issue). Instead I have requested [3] that they include the same sentence quoted above in the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct document [2], following the standard procedure identified, of sending a message to the group's mailing list.




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