Issue-140: The description of the Team in Section 2.2

Since W3C is referenced in the Process Document, there should be a description/definition of W3C in the Process Document. There is currently a Note in section 2.2. There has been discussion of whether the Note should remain. I believe the current consensus is that some description of what W3C is is needed, in particular because the W3C is not an incorporated organization. W3C was established by contracts among a set of Host institutions. It has been noted that because the list of Host institutions changes over time (albeit slowly, one change in the last 15 years), the set of Host Institutions should not necessarily be listed in the Process Document.

There is a Web Page on the Public Site that, among other things, lists the Host institutions. This is:

Perhaps having a link to this page within a revision of the Note in 2.2 (and removing the "Note") such as,
""W3C is not incorporated. For legal contracts, W3C is represented by a set of "Host" institutions<>. Within W3C, the Host institutions are governed by joint sponsorship contracts; the Hosts themselves are not W3C Members."
would suffice.

Steve Z

Received on Tuesday, 11 November 2014 16:51:04 UTC