CG decision making


As chair of this community group, in principle I get to decide what are
group decisions. I'd like us to work on fairly democratic principles, so I
suggest the following strawman:

+ anyone who wants a decision declared by the CG can make a call for
+ it should be proposed in an email, with "CfC" or "call for consensus" in
the subject line.
+ there should be a clear statement of the resolution that will be
adopted, assuming it achieves consensus. I.e. there should be a literal
+ the time allowed for response should be at least two weeks.
+ discussion of the proposal should not be in the same thread as saying "I
agree", or "I disagree", or "I abstain" - to make it easy to determine
what is an actual "vote".
+ at the end of the time available for response, I will declare a
consensus, or a large majority, if one is apparent.

There are some questions I have. The most obvious one is that I think we
should record all decisions in a common place. Wiki works for me as a
suggestion, but does anyone else have one? We could also use the tracker,
or some other mechanism if anyone thinks we really should.

Comments? thoughts?



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Received on Thursday, 12 June 2014 14:18:15 UTC