Re: Disclosing election results -- a voice of caution

On 03/06/2014 16:13, Jeff Jaffe wrote:

> 98 Members voted which is more than 25% of the Membership.  Personally,
> I am quite pleased that there was this level of interest.  While not the
> 90+% that I would have preferred, the 25% is still larger than some
> democratic political elections in some locations.  They voted for 355
> candidates, an average of 3.6 votes per Member.
> 51 of the 98 voted for 5 candidates.
> 22 of the 98 voted for 1 candidate.

This is an excellent start, thank you Jeff, exactly the kind of
anonymized data I was thinking of. Now, let's add the %age of votes
for each candidate leading to the five elected and we'll be all set.

BTW, since you gave us those figures, I think all ACs deserve having
them too...

I find 25% extremely low. I think you should, as W3C CEO, reach out
to the AC Forum to remind the Membership that one of the
benefits they get from the annual fee they pay is the ability to vote.


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