Re: Disclosing election results -- a voice of caution

On 6/3/2014 10:35 AM, Daniel Glazman wrote:
> On 03/06/2014 16:13, Jeff Jaffe wrote:
>> 98 Members voted which is more than 25% of the Membership.  Personally,
>> I am quite pleased that there was this level of interest.  While not the
>> 90+% that I would have preferred, the 25% is still larger than some
>> democratic political elections in some locations.  They voted for 355
>> candidates, an average of 3.6 votes per Member.
>> 51 of the 98 voted for 5 candidates.
>> 22 of the 98 voted for 1 candidate.
> This is an excellent start, thank you Jeff, exactly the kind of
> anonymized data I was thinking of. Now, let's add the %age of votes
> for each candidate leading to the five elected and we'll be all set.

I'll take the AB's advice on this one.  Above I provided data that I 
believe everyone was comfortable with.  The next level drill-down might 
stumble across concerns that I've heard about "embarrassing people who 
did not get a certain percentage".

> BTW, since you gave us those figures, I think all ACs deserve having
> them too...

Sure.  But in an earlier thread, some AC folks asked voting to be moved 
here so they didn't need to spammed by the voting thread.

> I find 25% extremely low.

You should see the percentage participation on Charter approvals :(.   
Much lower.  Even though I view that as extremely important.

>   I think you should, as W3C CEO, reach out
> to the AC Forum to remind the Membership that one of the
> benefits they get from the annual fee they pay is the ability to vote.
> </Daniel>

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