Re: Going public: AB process Chapter 7 task force

On 10/9/13 5:18 PM, ext Charles McCathie Nevile wrote:
> In addition, the task force meets on Mondays, at 8am Pacific/11am 
> Boston/5pm Paris/7pm Moscow time in a 1-hour teleconference hosted by 
> W3C's US-based bridge. Members of this this group are invited to 
> participate. If you wish to join the telephone conference please let 
> me know in advance (on the list or in private mail), so I can try to 
> ensure sufficient lines are available.

Please make sure the agenda is posted to this list at least 24 hours 
before the call starts.

> Future meetings will use the #w3process irc channel 
> <irc://>, allowing you to follow the meeting 
> without dialling in. This channel will *not* be logged in public, but 
> the minutes will be made public after a 24-hour period of review by 
> the AB. 


    s/review by the AB/review by the AB plus those that attended the 

> Please note that, in accordance with the charter of this group and 
> with the W3C Process itself, the AB (not the community group) is 
> responsible for making decisions on what the AB will present to the AC 
> as proposed changes.

Does this CG even have a charter? If so, please cite/reference where the 
members of this CG agreed to relinquish all `decision making` to the AB. 
(I don't know how others interpret the above but it gives me the 
impression the AB is simply giving `lip service` to being `public` for 
this context.)

-Thanks, AB

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