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09.11.2014, 08:54, "Dave Caroline" <>:
> Please dont forget the users who want a version of document to match
> the item they have, I am thinking of a manual for an item, they also
> go through various versions, sometimes with a model number change,
> some times with a serial number/date range of device to doc relation.

I started by facing a similar use case - drafts of specifications.

When you implemented against a particular draft it is useful to be able to find it. But the 80% case is "the latest version (perhaps with some status or characteristic)".

The behaviour I am trying to catch is attempts to remove the older versions from search results by marking them "don't index", while allowing for the 80% case to be simple - you get the one that superseded everything unless you want it to have some feature described that was removed, or something like that.


> Note some information is missing from the original documents and items.
> At the moment I have not added to my data because of this
> sort of miss match.
> Dave Caroline
> An example manual search for one model number gets me 13 results in my
> current collection.
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>> šHi,
>> šwe already mark properties in schema with
>> š(whose range includes property and so far nothing else).
>> šIn various contexts entire documents do this, such as when they are being
>> šdrafted, or when version X+1 replaces version X of something, or when a
>> šregulation is superseded by another, or when a set of rules for a sport is
>> šupdated
>> šThe specific use case is a series of drafts that turn up pretty randomly in
>> šsearches. For most purposes, the one anybody might want is the latest
>> š(admittedly there may be more than one form of "latest").
>> šBut I can think of a bunch of others...
>> šcheers
>> šChaals
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