Re: Documents that supersede others

Please dont forget the users who want a version of document to match
the item they have, I am thinking of a manual for an item, they also
go through various versions, sometimes with a model number change,
some times with a serial number/date range of device to doc relation.

Note some information is missing from the original documents and items.

At the moment I have not added to my data because of this
sort of miss match.

Dave Caroline

An example manual search for one model number gets me 13 results in my
current collection.

On 09/11/2014, <> wrote:
> Hi,
> we already mark properties in schema with
> (whose range includes property and so far nothing else).
> In various contexts entire documents do this, such as when they are being
> drafted, or when version X+1 replaces version X of something, or when a
> regulation is superseded by another, or when a set of rules for a sport is
> updated
> The specific use case is a series of drafts that turn up pretty randomly in
> searches. For most purposes, the one anybody might want is the latest
> (admittedly there may be more than one form of "latest").
> But I can think of a bunch of others...
> cheers
> Chaals
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