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The MusicComposition is an intangible Thing.  A MusicalScore (the
MusicComposition being applied to typesetting, pencil, pen, ink, blood to
parchment) is a tangible Thing.

Some ontologies lump those 2 types together, and others keep them as
separate ideas.

Freebase has only its Composition Type as an alias for

(Jeff, Google Staff, did create a bucket type for MusicalScore that has 1
property on it called scoreOf that expects a type of MusicComposition like
the "Goldberg Variations"

But we never went much further than that in our schema evolution within
Freebase for MusicalScore ...but MusicComposition has some nice properties
on it that I suggest for everyone's review:

FYI for the group just in case,

On Mon, Jun 16, 2014 at 10:47 AM, Wallis,Richard <>

>  Overall the proposal is good - couple of comments:
>    - Not so sure as Dan that MusicComposition would be a good fit for a
>    MusicalScore - I think that probably deserves its own subType of
>    CreativeWork to handle the sheet music aspects, and relationships to
>    performed/recorded music.
>    - MusicGroup seems to negate performances by individuals (that are not
>    Organizations, but are Persons)
>    - It seems to me that building on ItemList would be a better way to
>    handle tracks on an Album or PlayList and ordering
>    - I am not understanding the relationship between an Album and an
>    albumRelease of it.  Would this be the difference between the digital and
>    vinyl versions?
>    - How does this proposal relate to singles - that are ether tracks on
>    many albums or not on any albums?
>  ~Richard
>  On 16 Jun 2014, at 16:20, Vicki Tardif Holland <>
> wrote:
> On Fri, Jun 13, 2014 at 2:15 PM, Dan Scott <> wrote:
>> One quick note: the proposed already exists
>> with the definition "Genre of the creative work"; how about changing the
>> proposal so that the definition of "genre" simply becomes something like
>> "Genre of the creative work or group" with a correspondingly widened
>> domain?
> Good catch. I'll change the description.
>  - Vicki
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