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> Not so sure as Dan that MusicComposition would be a good fit for a
> MusicalScore - I think that probably deserves its own subType of
> CreativeWork to handle the sheet music aspects, and relationships to
> performed/recorded music.

We did not model scores at this time, mostly because we had to cut off the
proposal somewhere. Perhaps we can take up scores in a later effort.

> MusicGroup seems to negate performances by individuals (that are not
> Organizations, but are Persons)

That was not the intention. I can look at cleaning up the descriptions to
make this clearer.

> It seems to me that building on ItemList would be a better way to handle
> tracks on an Album or PlayList and ordering


> I am not understanding the relationship between an Album and an
> albumRelease of it.  Would this be the difference between the digital and
> vinyl versions?

The differences are akin to paperback vs hardcover vs electronic editions
of books. Most consumers don't care much, but catalog numbers, prices, and
sometimes release regions differ between the versions.

> How does this proposal relate to singles - that are ether tracks on many
> albums or not on any albums?

We considered adding another class to separate these cases, but put them
both under MusicRecording to make the model a little simpler. An album may
contain only a single. It would have an "albumReleaseType"
of SingleRelease. A MusicRecording can also appear on multiple releases,
which is one of the things MusicBrainz is good at connecting up.

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