Roadmap of the first Compliance Issues

Dear WG members,

As we discussed on the call last week, we wanted to give you a roadmap 
of the first Issues that the Chairs want to resolve on the TCS spec. 
  We've grouped the issues in clusters, combining those that are closely 
related for simultaneous discussion.

  * Disregard signal (196, 207)
  * Unknowing Collection/Short-Term Log (134, 208)
  * User Agent Compliance (132, 172, 177, 194, 227, 205)
  * Geolocation (202)
  * Fraud/Security (24)
  * Service Providers (49, 206)
  * Data Append/1st Party Compliance (170)
  * Use of 1st Party Data in a Different Context (219, 221, 226)

Based on our discussions, this list may change, if it becomes apparent 
that certain issues are interrelated.  We would love to get consensus 
from the group without the need for the Call for Objections process as 
often as possible.  With that in mind, to the extent that Working Group 
members can propose and review substantive textual proposals as early as 
possible, it would be greatly helpful to our progress.


Received on Monday, 28 April 2014 17:21:41 UTC