ID State Title ActionNotes
ISSUE-5RAISED What is the definition of tracking? OpenEditors and others have made proposals.
ISSUE-25RAISED Audience Measurement OpenProposals have been made that are under discussion.
ISSUE-131RAISED What should implementations look like to satisfy our exit criteria for CR? Postpone After Last Call
ISSUE-133RAISED What effect does legal liability or consistent data practices between affiliates have on the definition of breadth of a party? Pending Review StableNo related actions
ISSUE-142RAISED How should protocol data be allowed to be used in the first N weeks? MergeInto issue-134: Would we additionally permit logs that are retained for a short enough period?
ISSUE-149RAISED Compliance section for user agents MergeInto Issue-172: user-education and Issue-194: user-consent.
ISSUE-150RAISED DNT conflicts from multiple user agents MergeIssue-194: user-consent
ISSUE-154RAISED Are First parties allowed to use data (either offline or online) from third parties MergeIssue-170: Data append.
ISSUE-157RAISED Charter is running out and we need to agree on whether to extend or recharter and what a revised charter would look like CloseNo longer relevant.
ISSUE-163RAISED How in the spec should we ensure user agents don't twist a user preference one way or another? MergeInto Issue-194 user-consent
ISSUE-170RAISED Definition of and what/whether limitations around data append OpenDiscussion of data append and potential first party compliance restrictions tracked here.
ISSUE-172RAISED How should user agents be required to provide information about DNT? OpenShortname: (user-education) Had some previous actions on this, plus ongoing conversation out of f2f.
ISSUE-177RAISED Should we specify compliance requirements for software and hardware other than user agents? For example, is a web server package compliant if it tweaks DNT headers? MergeIssue 194: user-consent
ISSUE-179RAISED Make sure in the spec that we clarify information provided explicitly by a user (e.g. data typed into a form on a site with a clear privacy policy) is not subject to DNT. MergeIssue-54: declared data
ISSUE-184RAISED 3rd party dependencies in 1st party content Pending Review StableNo related actions
ISSUE-191 RAISED Non-normative Discussion of De-Identification MergeInto Issue-188 Definition of unlinkable data (de-identified data)
ISSUE-196RAISED What compliance requirements apply when a signal has been disregarded? Pending Review StableCompliance options on disregarding signals are present in the Editors' Draft.
ISSUE-10OPEN What is a first party? Pending Review StableA single option is present in the Editors' Draft.
ISSUE-16OPEN What does it mean to collect data? (caching, logging, storage, retention, accumulation, profile etc.) Pending Review StableA single option is present in the Editors' Draft (with an alternative on "collect" but not sure how essential that is)
ISSUE-24OPEN Possible exemption for fraud detection and defense Pending Review StableNo recent discussions in the working group, one text in Editors' Draft
ISSUE-31OPEN Minimization -- to what extent will minimization be required for use of a particular exemption? (conditional exemptions) ClarifyRename to narrow issue: whether to have firm retention limits that can only be exceeded with public disclosure of need?
ISSUE-32OPEN Sharing of data between entities via cookie syncing / identity brokering Pending Review StableText proposal around this corner case, but not sure it's needed
ISSUE-49OPEN Third party as first party - is a third party that collects data on behalf of the first party treated the same way as the first party? Pending Review StableService provider options text are in Editors' Draft
ISSUE-54OPEN can first parties use declared data while in a 3rd party context? MergeIssue-170 (data append and first party restrictions)
ISSUE-60OPEN Will a recipient know if it itself is a 1st or 3rd party? CloseNo longer relevant, answers are present in the spec
ISSUE-64OPEN How do we describe non-identifiable data Mergeinto Issue-188 Definition of unlinkable data (de-identified data)
ISSUE-73OPEN In order for analytics or other contracting to count as first-party: by contract, by technical silo, both silo and contract Pending Review StablePart Issue-49: service provider
ISSUE-97OPEN Re-direction, shortened URLs, click analytics -- what kind of tracking is this? Pending Review StablePart of Issue-10 First Party
ISSUE-99OPEN How does DNT work with identity providers? Pending Review StablePart of Issue-10: First Party
ISSUE-119OPEN Specify "absolutely not tracking" Pending Review StableText from Npdoty and others doesn't require a new definition in compliance spec.
ISSUE-132OPEN Should the spec speak to intermediaries or hosting providers to modify any responses/statements about DNT compliance? MergeInto Issue 194: user-consent
ISSUE-134OPEN Would we additionally permit logs that are retained for a short enough period?
ISSUE-151OPEN User Agent Requirement: Be able to handle an exception request MergeInto Issue 194: user-consent
ISSUE-174OPEN How do we create straightforward compliance for implementers retaining data for N weeks or less? MergeInto issue-134
ISSUE-175OPEN Have an appendix of best practices? Pending Review StableThere is a proposal, but not an active discussion
ISSUE-178OPEN Add "Marketing" to list of permitted uses in Compliance document Pending Review StableApparent indication that these might not be relevant any more.
ISSUE-180OPEN Add "advertising" as a Permitted Use in the Compliance Document Pending Review StableApparent indication that these might not be relevant any more.
ISSUE-181OPEN Finalize language regarding multiple first parties Pending Review StableStable text in Editor's Draft
ISSUE-188OPEN Definition of unlinkable data Rename: Group is tending towards "de-identified" as the relevant term.
ISSUE-194OPENHow should we ensure consent of users for DNT inputs?Change shortname: user-consent, include in Tracking Definitions and Compliance Specification
New ISSUEOPENLimitations on the use of unique identifiersOpen
ISSUE-22PENDING REVIEW Still have "operational use" of data (auditing of where ads are shown, impression tracking, etc.) Pending Review StableCovered by current permitted uses
ISSUE-45PENDING REVIEW Companies making public commitments with a "regulatory hook" for US legal purposes Pending Review StableNo recent discussions
ISSUE-148PENDING REVIEW What does DNT:0 mean? Pending Review StableNo recent discussions
ISSUE-89POSTPONED Does DNT mean at a high level: (a) no customization, users are seen for the first time, every time. (b) DNT is about data moving between sites. MergeInto issue-5: definition of tracking
ISSUE-94POSTPONED Is "Do Not Track" the right name to use? MergeInto issue-5: definition of tracking
ISSUE-102POSTPONED Short names & titles of specifications CloseNo longer relevant


IDTitlePersonDue DateProposed resolutionNotes
ACTION-312Merge financial logging languageJustin BrookmanApr 1, 2013?
ACTION-356Review which requirements in the spec would be problematic for an intermediaryMatthias SchunterJan 30, 2013?Might be pre-empted by the “general browseable Web” tentative agreement.
ACTION-365Clarify behavior of the exception confirmation apiAdrian BatemanFeb 22, 2013?
ACTION-368Work on updated "service provider"/"processor" definition (with vinay)Chris PedigoFeb 27, 2013?Is there a new version of this? If not, can we add it to the Spec and mark the ISSUE pending review?
ACTION-377(with rigo, peterswire) to follow up on service provider and independent rights clarificationChris PedigoMar 18, 2013?
ACTION-382Take Canadian references to OBA "Guidelines on Online Behavioral Advertisement" report and link it from the Global consideration pageRigo WenningMar 19, 2013Keep open
ACTION-383Ask Malcom Crompton about the Australian OBA guidelinesRigo WenningMar 19, 2013Keep open
ACTION-384Make a doodle for weekly calls and open an issue for gap analysisRigo WenningMar 19, 2013Close (out of date)
ACTION-388Draft non-normative text for why it's useful for a server to provide same-party membersRigo WenningMar 27, 2013Close (pre-empted)
ACTION-389Organize german industry participation in the work of the delta between regulation and DNTThomas SchaufMar 28, 2013Keep open
ACTION-371Propose text on de-identification (with Ed)Dan AuerbachFeb 27, 2013Close (done)
ACTION-372Propose language on service providers sharing/combining data for debuggingDavid WainbergMar 13, 2013Close (done)Not much agreement on whether this combining of silo’d data should be allowed, but the text is present. Recommend add to the draft as an option.
ACTION-385Propose specific text on cookie-like exceptionsAdrian BatemanMar 27, 2013Close (done)
ACTION-392Check with Jonathan about revising consent requirements (would adrianba's text suffice?)Nick DotyApr 17, 2013Close (done)
ACTION-393Work with Ronan on new consent indicator proposalMatthias SchunterApr 17, 2013Close (done)Assume this is just the “P” response.
ACTION-276Provide text regarding data retention, applicable to finanical logging dataLuigi MastriaApr 1, 2013Close (out of date)We will need text proposals from DAA at some point if we’re going to pursue this adaptation approach, but may not need a separate action here.
ACTION-310Add three options for identity providersJustin BrookmanApr 1, 2013Close (out of date)
ACTION-326Draft a proposal on marketing permitted use (with rachel)Brendan Riordan-ButterworthApr 1, 2013Close (out of date)Brendan no longer participating.
ACTION-327Draft a proposal on advertising permitted use (with rachel)Brendan Riordan-ButterworthApr 1, 2013Close (out of date)Brendan no longer participating.
ACTION-338Work with tl/jmayer on combining options on compliance hookAleecia McDonaldApr 1, 2013Close (out of date)
ACTION-308(with justin) to coordinate which document contains exceptionsDavid SingerApr 1, 2013Close (pre-empted)A general coordination action (in particular for Justin and David) will be needed.
ACTION-309Coordinate with David Singer to accord User Agent constraints in both specsJustin BrookmanApr 1, 2013Close (pre-empted)A general coordination action (in particular for Justin and David) will be needed.
ACTION-335Write non-normative text on unlinkability, with ShaneDan AuerbachApr 1, 2013Close (pre-empted)Red-Yellow-Green approach in progress is aimed at this.
ACTION-370Propose narrower "market research" use (with David Stark, Justin, Susan, Ronan, Rachel, Chris_M, EBerkower)Richard WeaverFeb 27, 2013Close (pre-empted)
ACTION-373Propose text prohibiting data append (because it requires sharing, or otherwise; with jchester)Aleecia McDonaldMar 20, 2013Close (pre-empted)I believe John Simpson’s text on this subject suffices.
ACTION-378Update de-identification definition based on feedback from Rob, Shane, public commitmentDan AuerbachMar 13, 2013Close (pre-empted)Likely pre-empted by ongoing work on red-yellow-green.
ACTION-391Update UI/consent proposal (including discussion with Adrian)Alan ChapellApr 17, 2013Close (pre-empted)Given discussion at the f2f, I believe we can move forward with Adrian’s text.
ACTION-395Provide a couple slides explanation of exchanges / redirects / server-to-serverShane WileyMay 1, 2013Close (pre-empted)This was intended for the f2f, now passed.
ACTION-369Summarize texts, agreements, and uncertain bits to data around service providers (ideally with dsinger and perhaps npdoty, if willing)Aleecia McDonaldMar 13, 2013Keep openSuggest we collapse the related action items into this one. This issue is dragging along unhelpfully, we should address it (through Call for Objections, if necessary) and move on.
ACTION-375Review TPE for updates necessary on multiple first parties (with Ed, Nick, RobS, possibly fielding)Shane WileyMar 18, 2013Keep open
ACTION-376(with justin) to propose updates on multiple first parties (distinguishing between the one site and platform)Rob ShermanMar 18, 2013Keep open
ACTION-396Provide pending review text for signal of transferred/redirected exception (issue 168)Nick DotyMay 1, 2013Keep open
ACTION-397Look into data around the impact of audience measurement / changes to census calibrationRichard WeaverMay 13, 2013Keep open
ACTION-398Work with ESOMAR folks on clarifying "otherwise support" in audience measurement proposed textRichard WeaverMay 13, 2013Keep open
ACTION-399Propose text (with Rigo and Rob v.E.) on harmonizing audience measurement permitted use in EU contextSusan IsraelMay 13, 2013Keep open
ACTION-400Explore how service providers (to 1st and 3rd parties) can provide transparency, and work through the use casesDavid SingerMay 14, 2013Keep openSee David’s previous ACTION-317, and Rigo’s ongoing ACTION-388.
ACTION-401Update compliance standard to provide requirements for sending D tracking status signal when disregarding DNT:1 signalsJustin BrookmanMay 14, 2013Keep open
ACTION-402Work with Dan to follow up on defining the "yellow" to "green" transaction with strong enough measuresShane WileyMay 15, 2013Keep open
ACTION-403Write language on red / yellow / greenJustin BrookmanMay 15, 2013Keep open
ACTION-404Further Fact finding on scope of audience measurement and the DAA exception (one page of text)Susan IsraelMay 15, 2013Keep open
ACTION-405Follow up with Kathy, Jeff and Justin on FAQRigo WenningMay 24, 2013Keep open
ACTION-387Review David Singer's most recent suggestion on service provider flag to see if it addresses the concern (with jmayer?)Aleecia McDonaldMar 27, 2013Merge into action-369.