Re: TPWG Public Comment on DNT Standard

On 3/12/13 4:16 PM, Elizabeth Coker wrote:
> Dear TPWG Members:
> I want to direct everyone's attention to this WSJ article
> <>
> that highlights the issues with "first" and "third" parties.  While a
> technical standard must be implemented, it should be consistent with
> consumer expectations, not warped into something that continues to
> obfuscate data collection from consumer, publisher and advertiser
> scrutiny.  Privacy preference management is typically assumed to be
> between the consumer and the website (or brand) by most people.  Only
> highly informed individuals realize that every time they "click" on
> something they could be dealing with a "new" first party and that their
> data may now be collected by some unknown entity  even though their
> intent was not to share, or only to share with the trusted brand or site.

May I add to this that, although there are no published industry
practices on this matter, data by (relatively) unknown entities is
gathered as a result of merely rendering the website. The vast majority
of individuals do not realise that.

This study about Facebook 'likes' also highlights the linkability issue.



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