Re: issue-205

On Sunday 30 June 2013 10:28:52 Vinay Goel wrote:
> Explicit consent is not required by most EU countries under current
> law; and the term unambiguous consent is in proposed amendments to
> legislation. We should not be Codifying the standard against
> unfinished legislation.

This is very controversial. It is known that a certain part of the 
industry bets on "implied consent". I do not believe betting on "implied 
consent" is future-proof. And we want a future-proof specification. 

On the other hand, a German localized version of the browser could have 
DNT:1 turned on by default to reflect that the legal system prefers data 
collection after consent. On the other hand, a first run or startup 
select screen would work too as suggested by Rob long time ago. So not 
sure we really need the additional rule proposed in this issue. 


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