Re: issue-205

ISSUE-4 is closed.  If the preference is unset, the user's preference
might be determined any number of ways (one of which is applicable
laws and regulations, which override anything we might specify).
There is no such thing as a default preference in our protocol.

Chairs, please do not allow anyone to reopen discussion on closed
issues without new information that we have not already considered.


On Jun 29, 2013, at 1:05 AM, Mike O'Neill wrote:

> I added the phrase about local law to Justinís text on the wiki, as per my change submission.
> A user agent MUST have a default tracking preference of unset (not enabled) unless a specific tracking preference is implied by the decision to use that agent, or another default preference is required to comply with applicable laws, regulations and judicial processes.
> Justification.
> The original wording in the TPE, allowing the choice of a privacy oriented user-agent, was better so why lose it, and it is possible that rights-based jurisdictions like the EU with an assumed right to privacy may require user-agents be supplied with DNT set by default.

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