Towards Text for ISSUE-176... (intermediaries)

Hi DNT Team,

The following issue is still open:
- ISSUE-176: Requirements on intermediaries/isps and header insertion 
that might affect tracking

I believe that we discussed this issue earlier and our spec currently 
contains this text:
> An HTTP intermediary /must not/ add, delete, or modify the DNT header 
> field in requests forwarded through that intermediary unless that 
> intermediary has been specifically installed or configured to do so by 
> the user making the requests. For example, an Internet Service 
> Provider /must not/ inject "DNT: 1" on behalf of all of their users 
> who have not expressed a preference. 

I believe that this statement is too strong. I suggest to augment it 
along the line of "If an intermediary wants to add, delete, or otherwise 
modify any DNT information, it needs to satisfy the constraints for user 
agents put forward in this document."

This would permit tools to change the information as long as they ensure 
that the resulting values, e.g., still reflect user preference. It also 
allows to add DNT support in an intermediary or OS as long as the 
requirements that we described are met.



Received on Monday, 21 January 2013 13:29:46 UTC