Proposals for Compliance issue clean up

Here are places we might have straight-forward decisions. If there are no responses within a week (that is, by Friday 16 November,) we will adopt the proposals below. 

For issue-97 (Re-direction, shortened URLs, click analytics -- what kind of tracking is this?)  with action-196, we have text with no counter proposal. Unless someone volunteers to take an action to write opposing text, we will close this with the action-196 text.
	PROPOSED: We adopt the text from action-196,

For issue-60 (Will a recipient know if it itself is a 1st or 3rd party?) we had a meeting of the minds ( but did not close the issue. We have support for 3.5.2 Option 2,, with one of the authors of 3.5.1 Option 1, accepting Option 2. There was no sustained objection against Option 2 at that time. Let us find out if there is remaining disagreement.
	PROPOSED: We adopt 3.5.2 Option 2,

For action-306, we have a proposed definition with accompanying non-normative examples
	PROPOSED: We adopt the text from action-306 to define declared data, to be added to the definitions in the Compliance document, 
	PROPOSED: We look for volunteers to take an action to write text explaining when and how declared data is relevant (See the note in, to address issue-64


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