Batch Closing of TPE-related ISSUEs: ISSUE-171, ISSUE-116, ISSUE-138, ISSUE-173, ISSUE-160

Hi Folks,

enclosed are some issues that I believe to be resolved and that can be 
closed (and/or an action to include the text into the spec can be 
If you disagree, drop me a line and we discuss these issues is more detail.


How to handle multi-domains  (ISSUE-171)

On these issues IMHO the status is as follows:
- For multi-domains, we agreed that no explicit API should be included 
due to risks of mis-use.
- Shane Wiley has proposed an approach how to allow multi-site 
exceptions without an explicit API:

ISSUE-116: How can we build a JS DOM property which doesn't allow inline 
JS to receive mixed signals?

Nick proposed to "The diff included below (also attached) would update 
the draft to move the JS doNotTrack property to window (from navigator) 
and remove the requestDNTStatus( ) method (which would now be redundant). "

I suggest to implement this change and close ISSUE-116


ISSUE-138: Web-Wide Exception Well Known URI

Question was how a site without HTML can trigger exceptions (e.g. a tracking pixel).

Nick has written non-normative text

Please drop me a line if you do not agree with Nicks text.

ISSUE-173: The TPE uses "top-level domain" in a sense that is not the normal meaning

David Singer has performed the corresponding edits.
Drop me a line if this is not OK.


  ISSUE-160 -- Do we
     need an API that will tell a host what its current exception
     status is?

- Section 6.6 contains a proposed API that will be retained in the updated API proposal
- Suggest to close this issue

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