Agenda for 07 November 2012 call - V01

-    Matthias
- Goal: Assign actions to open issues for TPE

1. Selection of scribe

Old business

2. Review of overdue action items: 

New business

3.Quick check that callers are identified

4.Discussion of new general approach to exceptions sketched in Amsterdam:
      Core changes:
          - Main responsibility of Exception UI is with the sites
          - Sites 'store' exceptions via API in browser
          - Browser may validate exceptions with their users to ensure 
they are OK with it
          - Feedback?
          - OK to pursue this approach from now on?

5. How to handle sub-domains (ISSUE-112)?

On these issues IMHO the status is as follows:
- If a site-wide exception is requested, all subdomains are 
automatically included
- This issue is only relevant for explicit/explicit lists of domains (if 
the site uses them)
- An original proposal (from Ian) used cookie-like handling
- The current approach requires explicit listing of all sub-domains
- Is this current approach OK or do we need to text alternatives?

6. ISSUE-164: Should the 'same-party' attribute be mandatory?

My understanding of the minutes is that we agreed in Amsterdam:
- keep a MAY (optional)
- Say that if a site that loads additional content "to be used in 1st 
party context" (flag: 1)
    from other domains, this content may not work properly unless this 
domain is desclared as "same-party"
- If this approach is still OK, I suggest to create an action to textify it.


7. ISSUE-137: Does hybrid tracking status need to distinguish between 
first party (1) and outsourcing service provider acting as a first party (s)

- The minutes at
    contain some text on ISSUE-137
- No action is assigned
- TODO: Discuss and define way forward

8.  Discuss status of all our remaining open ISSUEs:
        - Steps towards closing them?
         - Assign actions

9. Announce next meeting & adjourn

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