Re: ACTION-169 ISSUE-61 same-party relations


yes, but it goes a bit further. My text puts a hint for later debates on 
responsibility. If a first party declares things as "same party", they take 
responsibility for those. If the other parties declared as "same" misbehave 
the semantics are such that this misbehavior is assigned also to the first 
party who had declared "same party" for the misbehaving site. 
This is to give people an incentive not to declare arbitrary third parties 
with lose relations as "same party" because this creates a liability risk. 
With my text, a site will only chose those as "same party" that they are in 
the same legal bucket and which they trust.

Hope that helps


On Friday 04 May 2012 11:15:32 Chris Pedigo wrote:
> Rigo, thanks for taking this on. Is my understanding correct that this
> language simply requires that a site may only claim affiliate sites as
> long as those sites also honor DNT?

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