Move to close ISSUE-4

Hi Team,

As indicated during our 2011-11-30 telco, I'd like to move this issue
from "Pending Review" to "Closed" during our 2011-12-21 telco.


What is the default for DNT in client configuration (opt-in or opt-out)?

The goal of this protocol is to allow a user to express their personal
preference regarding cross-site tracking to each server and web
application that they communicate with via HTTP, thereby allowing each
server to either adjust their behavior to meet the user's expectations
or reach a separate agreement with the user to satisfy both parties.
Key to that notion of expression is that it must reflect the user's
preference, not the preference of some institutional or
network-imposed mechanism outside the user's control.

The remainder of this specification defines the protocol in terms of
whether DNT is enabled or not enabled. We do not specify how that
preference is configured: the user agent is responsible for
determining the user experience by which this preference is set.

For example, a user might configure their own user agent to tell
servers "do not track me cross-site", install a plug-in or extension
that is specifically designed to add that expression, or make a choice
for privacy that then implicitly includes a tracking preference (e.g.,
"Privacy settings: high"). For each of these cases, we say that DNT is

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