Re: Deciding Exceptions (ISSUE-23, ISSUE-24, ISSUE-25, ISSUE-31, ISSUE-34, ISSUE-49)

Thanks for taking up this thought, Rigo.

I am still quite concerned about the exceptions of frequency capping and 
market analysis. It seems to me that these exception will function as 
green light for third parties to continue several ways of tracking users 
would most probably not expect with DNT:1. With extensive exceptions for 
those two areas I worry that few things would change regarding the cross 
site data collection.

Although in my opinion purposes like frequency capping should not be 
applicable to DNT:1 users at all, I can agree to a less restrictive 
consensus like session based frequency capping. The time frame we talked 
about in Brussels - up to 6 months depending on the camgaign - appears 
far far too long for this purpose. Hardly anyone remembers the ads 
he/she has seen the last week, let alone last month.

The exception of market analysis/market research is not really clear to 
me in detail. Hopefully, we can talk about this in the call today.

- Ninja

Am 08.02.2012 12:20, schrieb Rigo Wenning:
> On Tuesday 07 February 2012 18:29:45 Roy T. Fielding wrote:
>> You defined collection as merely receiving the information.  The user is
>> sending the information across the network.  Therefore, the third party
>> will collect it regardless of our protocol.  Retention, however, can be
>> limited in such a way that the user's browsing history cannot be discovered
>> from the data retained for frequency capping.  Is that sufficient?  If not,
>> why?
> Wasn't that the first suggestion Ninja made in Brussels when confronted with
> this issue? She said 24-48 hours. Let's discuss that...
> We could resolve by having 2 options: Either have a client-side storage
> solution under the user's control OR the service has a shorter retention time
> and will not be able to maintain the capping over an entire campaign of
> several month.
> That sets the incentives to explore the client-side solutions under user
> control without forcing people to it.
> Rigo


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