Re: Deciding Exceptions (ISSUE-23, ISSUE-24, ISSUE-25, ISSUE-31, ISSUE-34, ISSUE-49)

On Tuesday 07 February 2012 18:29:45 Roy T. Fielding wrote:
> You defined collection as merely receiving the information.  The user is
> sending the information across the network.  Therefore, the third party
> will collect it regardless of our protocol.  Retention, however, can be
> limited in such a way that the user's browsing history cannot be discovered
> from the data retained for frequency capping.  Is that sufficient?  If not,
> why?

Wasn't that the first suggestion Ninja made in Brussels when confronted with 
this issue? She said 24-48 hours. Let's discuss that...

We could resolve by having 2 options: Either have a client-side storage 
solution under the user's control OR the service has a shorter retention time 
and will not be able to maintain the capping over an entire campaign of 
several month.

That sets the incentives to explore the client-side solutions under user 
control without forcing people to it.


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