Re: Issue-95: User Setting DNT Response (Draft)


This makes sense and I think the exceptions for employer and public networks are handled appropriately.


On Nov 30, 2011, at 9:57 AM, Shane Wiley wrote:

> Here is a draft for Issue-95 (
> “Generally, the setting and/or unsetting of a Do Not Track signal SHOULD only be established by a user proactively.  Intermediaries to an HTTP/S request SHOULD NOT attempt to modify the DNT signal in any way.  There are limited situations where it MAY be appropriate for an intermediary to modify a user’s DNT settings on their behalf such as through employer networks or public networks (libraries, for example).  But, care should be taken even in these cases to limit the scope of modification as much as possible to decrease the possible impact to a user’s web surfing experience as overriding DNT signals could disrupt content consumption through user granted site-specific exceptions.  NOTE – it is understood this particular compliance standard cannot be technically enforced but it should be clear to all web ecosystem participants what the standard baseline is in this matter.”

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