Re: Re: Checkout of web-platform-tests pull request

Le dimanche 14 avril 2013 à 18:49 +0200, James Graham a écrit :
> Well I added some features, but not quite the ones we discussed :) In
> particular rather than looking at labels I added the ability to mirror
> or unmirror particular pull requests by adding specially formatted
> comments to the issue associated with the PR (in particular a comment
> starting w3c-test:mirror or w3c-test:unmirror, respectively). This
> avoids the need for polling, so it was much easier to implement. In
> addition I restricted auto-mirroring, and the ability to run the
> aforementioned commands, to people that already have write access to
> the repo.

Just to close the loop here: after a few back and forth, I have managed
to set James's script up on, and it seems to have been
operating fine over the past 10 days, checking out submissions as they
get made into

Thanks a lot James for providing this nifty tool!


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