Re: Checkout of web-platform-tests pull request

On 4/10/13 1:18 PM, ext Dominique Hazael-Massieux wrote:
> Hi,
> Following a discussion on #webapps today, I've made a manual [*]
> checkout of all the existing pull requests on the web-platform-tests
> repository:
> They have been checked out in
> using the labels of
> the pull requests as the directory name (look at how many ways one can
> spell "w3c:submission").

This is really nice Dom, thanks!

> At least one submission checkout didn't succeed due to conflicts in
> merging (

I couldn't find the files for Simon's Web Messaging tests 
<>. It seems like 
they should be in the following directory but these are tests submitted 
by Microsoft:


Do you know where PR 46 is located?

> The purpose of these checkout is to make it somewhat easier to run the
> submitted test cases in one's browser.

It certainly does ;-).


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