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Weekly Testing Call
27 Jun 2011

    See also: [2]IRC log

       [2] http://www.w3.org/2011/06/27-testing-irc


           Plh, Shadi, francois, Mike


           francois, shadi


      * [3]Topics
          1. [4]Testing IG
          2. [5]Testing f2f
          3. [6]Framework
      * [7]Summary of Action Items

Testing IG

    plh: working on activity proposal. I'll mention the Testing working
    group in it, mentioning that it will come up as well.
    ... Should be done before the end of the week.
    ... Haven't seen email from Mike on draft WG charter.

Testing f2f

    plh: It seems CSS and SVG WG are trying to schedule a joint F2F at
    the end of July in Seattle, so best to be avoided for meeting or
    co-located there.
    ... I saw your draft, Wilhelm. Is it to be sent to all expected

    wilhelm: yes, mostly targeted at browser vendors plus a few persons
    used to dealing with testing.

    plh: should we invite folks from the mobile community as well, like

    wilhelm: not sure. Most discussions would be at the technical level,
    mostly a problem for browser vendors.
    ... I'd like to make the discussions as concrete on implementation
    details as possible.
    ... People further down the chain can make use of this.

    plh: ok, good to go then.

    shadi: is it a F2F or a workshop?

    plh: neither!
    ... it's going to be an informal meeting.
    ... Folks that meet together. No call for papers.
    ... Meeting run in an informal way.

    wilhelm: not sure exactly how we'll organize it. I want to lock
    people in the room, and not let them out unless they agree!


    plh: Framework, where are we?

    fd: ... i've been looking at the framework
    ... the harness is currently designed as "per group"
    ... so each group would need to use a separate instance of the
    ... does not make sense unless important for performance
    ... we only have 1 server though
    ... looking at the issue, and how to populate the instance

    PLH: can look at the HTML and Performance WGs

    MS: did not get to it, can get to it this week

    PLH: hopefully have something running by the end of the week?

    MS: hopefully, yes

    MS: ref the charter, I should have something pretty soon after this
    ... I put it under the Rich Web Client activity, but I can change.

    PLH: what was your rationale to put it there?

    MS: well, it's about browser testing. Seems to fit.
    ... can be fixed.

    PLH: ok, I'll keep doing what I'm doing with the activity proposal.
    ... Anything else for today?
    ... no call next week (4 July).

    [call adjourned]

Summary of Action Items

    [End of minutes]

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