Re: Clarification and Call for Respectful Communication

Melvin, if you have a concern about another member's conduct, please bring
it up with the chairs. It does nothing to further respectful collaboration
when you start a new thread of discussion to publicly call out another
group member for some perceived slight or misunderstanding.

This is the second time you've behaved this way within this group. In the
future, please seek the advice of the chairs or a trusted third party
before making another thread like this. Thank you.

SWICG co-chair

On Wed, Sep 20, 2023, 10:53 PM Melvin Carvalho <>

> Dear Bumblefudge
> I'd like to address a recent comment you made:
> So let me get this straight, Nostr *is* the Fediverse because it's been
> bridged, and Mitra (which loyally implements the AP spec) *isn't* because
> you don't like the authentication choices it made?
> Firstly, I have not made any comments or expressed opinions regarding
> Mitra. It's essential to avoid making assumptions or attributing statements
> to individuals without evidence. Misrepresenting someone's views is
> unconstructive and goes against the collaborative spirit of this community.
> Secondly, I'd like to remind all participants of the W3C Code of Ethics
> and Professional Conduct. Adherence to this code ensures that discussions
> remain productive, respectful, and free from personal attacks. This isn't
> the first time there's been a deviation from these guidelines, and I kindly
> urge everyone to communicate with respect and professionalism.
> Let's keep the focus on constructive discussions and avoid personal or
> unfounded remarks.
> Thank you for your understanding.
> Best regards,
> Melvin

Received on Thursday, 21 September 2023 05:13:31 UTC