Re: Introductions (was Re: First 2023 SWICG meeting call on Fri May 19)


I'm planning on being on the call.

My name is hellekin, I've been involved in social networking with 
different hats at different periods.

In 1993 and 1994, I helped organize the first French-speaking IRC 
in-person gatherings on the UnderNet.
Fast forward to 2010, when I joined the Lorea project that was probably 
one of the first to implement OStatus fully. In 2010 I offered 'a user 
perspective on GNU social'[^1] which I still find relevant.


In 2012 I participated in a P2P meeting in Berlin, where the main issue 
that was expressed was a lack of funding. This is when I started looking 
for ways to fund free software. Five years later I proposed PUBLIC, the 
Public Universal Base: Libre Infrastructure Consortium (now Community) 
to push the agenda of a public digital infrastructure based on free 
software across the European Union. Although it did not really kick off, 
it contributed to raise awareness and positioned our non-profit 
organization, petites singularit├ęs, to become part of the Next 
Generation Internet Zero EU consortium that has been the most successful 
free software funding scheme for the last five years, and will continue 
to deal tenths of millions of Euro to smaller organizations and 
individuals until 2027.

The SocialHub was a result of willing to coordinate the effort of the 
ActivityPub developer community towards a stronger cross-project 
collaboration to sustain and evolve the ActivityPub protocols. I'm so 
glad that the SWICG is active again and we can reinforce the means to 
our common goals to decentralize social media and invent new and better 
way to share and self-organize unity in diversity on the Internet.

I'm posting from ( -- S10y stands 
for 'subsidiarity', the governing principle stating that decisions 
should be taken closest to the affected citizens.


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