Re: Introductions (was Re: First 2023 SWICG meeting call on Fri May 19)

Hi everyone, thanks for organizing this. I'm hoping to make it to most
of the meeting tomorrow, but may need to drop off early.

I'm Manton Reece, from Austin, Texas. I'm the creator of, a
blog platform and social network. We launched in 2017 and added
ActivityPub in 2018. also supports other APIs related to
feeds and the social web, like Micropub, Webmention, and WebSub. It can
also cross-post to external services including Bluesky, Tumblr, and
others. (Experimenting with Nostr too.)

This is a really exciting time for the web. Look forward to hearing
everyone's thoughts on moving the social web forward.

— Manton

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