Re: A native internet protocol for social media

On 14 Apr 2023, at 15:07, Jacky Alcine wrote:

> Agreed. And I don't see any sort of online platform being safe if it 
> removes things like moderation and increases the proliferation of 
> digital capitalism through cryptocurrency - both of which are 
> nonconductive to a safe online Web.

there is no platform. It's the fediverse. There may (hopefully) be 
myriads of them. And all are different, talk different.

Moderation essentially is a form of rule enforcement. We know such for 
thousands of years. It started with arbitrary force, then came 
civilisation. We shouldn't fall behind that. We know law enforcement 
(law is also rules), which prove so hard that there is parliaments, 
judges, the police and lawyers just to name a few. That's what 
civilisation developed the recent 2500 years.

We won't have it simpler even if simple minds may think and tell so.

And we respect the law - as both binding and mostly sufficient, don't 
we? Ever changing, however.

So: how can we leverage existing law enforcement to hold the 
participants (operators included) accountable. How can the participants 
protect themselves against unwanted effects?

What responsibilities do the participants have to execute?

Neither are technical issues in the first place.

Then come the tools. Which better be convival than encroaching.


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