Re: [SKOS] Amsterdam topic "Concept semantics"


I've put on [1] a digest on different problems and solutions related to 
the concept semantic issue. As there was not much material available, 
and many related mails on SWD and SKOS lists, I tried to produce one 
emcompassing document, normalizing a bit what was mentioned in the 
informal discussions.

The idea is to make it the only required reading for the F2F meeting on 
the topic (even the references are just there just for authority 
reasons, the reader can in principle skip them)
I hope it is usable as such. I would welcome one or two persons of the 
WG having a small look at it during the next week: this would allow me 
to produce a new document in time for the F2F!



> This week's agenda includes an excerpt from the Amsterdam agenda
> for the topic 
>     Concept semantics (discussion leader: Antoine)
> I suggest we try to make some headway on this week's call
> about the scope and reading list for this topic.
> Tom
>> Amsterdam topic "Concept Semantics" (Antoine)
>> --
>> Relevant issue: [ '''Issue-54 ConceptSemantics''' (open)]
>> -- Required reading? Proposed solution...?  Possible problems to discuss:
>>    * Defining the semantics of skos:Concept
>>    * Mixing with OWL concepts

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