Re: TAG has resolved httpRange-14

Dan Brickley wrote:
> My Apache2 config got screwed up.
> ...used to redirect a bunch, ie.
> RedirectTemp /foaf/0.1/Group
> RedirectTemp /foaf/0.1/Person
> ...etc
> I'm now motivated to fix this up. Wondering also whether to redirect
> them straight to index.rdf rather than the default index.html 
> (which may eventually be XHTML2 and use RDF/A for the schema stuff).
> Dan

i.e. with a small amount of effort foaf will comply with this 
resolution. The long-term cost is two GETs for every foaf predicate 
lookup instead of one, but since people don't put that in critical path 
on any code (foaf code would simply know the properties and classes), 
this is not a crucial problem.

OK ....

That's one tick.


Received on Thursday, 30 June 2005 13:10:05 UTC