Re: [ALL] Poll on Nov 2005 F2F dates

I was just reviewing the underwhelming response to the preferred dates 
poll (10), and there is simply no clear winner.  Each choice has can't 
live with selections, and the three selections have 4, 3, and 2 votes 

I have a confession to make - when faced with these choices for when to 
have our f2f meeting I now wish I'd voted for one of the other location 
options.  We're talking about turning this into my longest business trip 
of the year.  Just curious if anyone else is in the same boat.


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[ALL] Poll on Nov 2005 F2F dates

In a previous poll [1] the SWBPD Working Group indicated its overwhelming
preference to have its next face-to-face meeting in Galway, Ireland. We 
not, however, collect much input as to specific date.  At the 19 May 
I was tasked [2] to create a poll to determine a preference for meeting
_before_ or _after_ ISWC with three specific date choices nominated.


Please provide your input to the Preferred Dates poll [3] at your earliest
convenience.  This poll is current set to close the day before our next
WG telecon.



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