Re: Verify Spam Messages

At 05:30 AM 2/26/2005 -0800, Uschold, Michael F wrote:

>Is anyone else receiving messages of this ilk?

I, too, have received them starting yesterday.

>It seems like a ploy of some sort - I just deleted the messages.

I also delete them.  I've no idea whether or not it is legitimate, as
there is no information about the intended recipient.

If someone on the WG mailing list is using this service and believe
it to be legitimate, may I suggest that you inform them to at least
(1) supply information indicating the addressee who is using their
service and (2) provide a link to their privacy policy stating what
they intend to do with _my_ email address should I choose to
confirm to them that I do receive and read their messages.

>I got a bundh of them recently - one for each message I sent to the

If this continues, I will undertake to send messages one by one
to each person on the WG list and will inform everyone publicly
here if I find the culprit.

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