Re: [SE] Minutes of Telecon 15-Feb-2005


Some minor questions/concerns regarding the results of today's SWSE 

>o The SETF will meet informally over dinner on Tues 1st march at the
>Tech Plenary in Boston - venue and possibility for telecon connectivity to
>be confirmed

Did anyone take an action item to ask Ralph about a speaker phone 
at the Tech Plen?  Note also that the SE telecon time is 1300 Boston
time (EST) (just after lunch). 

>o     The SETF agrees to proceed with the review its current Editors Draft
>on ‘Ontology Driven Architectures and Potential Uses of the Semantic Web in
>Software Engineering’ for publication as a note by 17:00 (UTC) 23 Feb 2005.
>This is based on the timetable of comments returned to Phil Tetlow by:
>      o     Task force members before 17:00 (UCT) 18th Feb 2005
>      o     Working group members before 13:00 23 Feb 2005 following
>inclusion of comments from task force members

I think the publication schedule is too aggressive.  At the very least, you
should move the deadlines to COB for some time zone in the US (2200 UTC
perhaps).  It would also be quite appropriate to shoot for WG approval
at the face-to-face.


Received on Tuesday, 15 February 2005 19:41:41 UTC