Re: [SE] Minutes of Telecon 15-Feb-2005

Phil and Evan,

>>o     The SETF agrees to proceed with the review its current Editors Draft
>>on ‚?~Ontology Driven Architectures and Potential Uses of the Semantic Web in
>>Software Engineering‚?T for publication as a note by 17:00 (UTC) 23 Feb 2005.
>>This is based on the timetable of comments returned to Phil Tetlow by:
>>      o     Task force members before 17:00 (UCT) 18th Feb 2005
>>      o     Working group members before 13:00 23 Feb 2005 following
>>inclusion of comments from task force members
> I think the publication schedule is too aggressive.  At the very least, you
> should move the deadlines to COB for some time zone in the US (2200 UTC
> perhaps).  It would also be quite appropriate to shoot for WG approval
> at the face-to-face.

I agree with Evan. In addition, I would suggest a deadline for editors. Therefore, shall we adjust the timeline as follows?

o     Editors before 22:00 (UCT) 18th Feb 2005
o     Task force members before 22:00 (UCT) 23rd Feb 2005
o     Working group members: FTF meeting 3rd Mar 2005


Dr. Jeff Z. Pan  ( )
School of Computer Science, The University of Manchester

Received on Wednesday, 16 February 2005 09:37:16 UTC