[SE] Minutes of Telecon 15-Feb-2005

Date:       15/02/2005
Present:    Phil Tetlow
            Jeff Pan
            Daniel Oberle
            Bill McDaniel
Evan Wallace

o     Not having heard form either Guus or Ralph about Daniel Oberle’s
application to join the SETF, it is assumed that there are no objections to
him being listed as a formal member.
o     The SETF will meet informally over dinner on Tues 1st march at the
Tech Plenary in Boston - venue and possibility for telecon connectivity to
be confirmed
o     The SETF agrees to proceed with the review its current Editors Draft
on ‘Ontology Driven Architectures and Potential Uses of the Semantic Web in
Software Engineering’ for publication as a note by 17:00 (UTC) 23 Feb 2005.
This is based on the timetable of comments returned to Phil Tetlow by:
      o     Task force members before 17:00 (UCT) 18th Feb 2005
      o     Working group members before 13:00 23 Feb 2005 following
inclusion of comments from task force members
o     Phil Tetlow to look to control the master version of the note
o     Daniel Oberle to control  section 1,2 and 3 edits
o     Jeff Pan to control section 5 edits
o     Phil Tetlow to control  section 6 edits
o     ‘Corpus’ to be used instead of the term ‘Knowledge Base’ or
‘Relational Database’


Phil Tetlow
Senior Consultant
IBM Business Consulting Services
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Received on Tuesday, 15 February 2005 19:17:13 UTC