Re: document publishing [was: [ALL] Agenda 10 Feb telecon 1800 UTC]

At 12:47 PM 2/10/2005 -0500, Phil Tetlow wrote:
>Ive just found the following guidelines on W3C notes submission
>( Is this
>the correct procedure?

Not for Working Group documents, no.

"The Art of Consensus" [1] has a section titled "The Recommendation Track"
with several references of use to all document editors, whether the document
is intended to end as a W3C Working Group Note or as a W3C Recommendaion.

In particular, the W3C Manual of Style [2] gives the expected format
of a W3C Technical Report and the Publication Rules [3] describe
specific criteria (e.g. valid markup) that will be checked prior to the
Webmaster accepting our documents for publication.


(For OEP's benefit; note also the link "How to allocate namespaces
for your specifications" [4] which documents recommendations for
allocating namespace URIs.)


Once your Task Force has an editors' draft that you feel conforms to
the W3C Manual of Style and the pubrules, the Task Force may ask
at a WG telecon for WG approval to request publication of this draft
as a W3C Working Draft.  After the WG has reviewed and approved
the Task Force draft the WG chairs and I then make the formal
publication request to the W3C Webmaster.

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