Re: [ALL] Agenda 10 Feb telecon 1800 UTC

* Guus Schreiber <> [2005-02-09 19:03+0100]
> 1. ADMIN (15 min)
> Roll call
> Regrets:  Carroll

Regrets, unfortunately, from me. (f2f Quatro project meeting)

Sorry to have to miss another meeting. I have commented 
on various parts of the agenda below in an attempt to 
compensate for being absent.

> PROPOSED next telecon
>    Feb 24, 1800 UTC

Regrets also, I'll be on a plane to Boston :(

> Tech Plenary / ftf
I'd like to remind SWBPD WG folk that there is also
a Semantic Web Interest Group meeting on the monday/tuesday
of TP week, and that they're very welecome. We have a 
thread on regarding agenda proposals;

On the SWIG front, I'd also like to mention that I've updated the
SWIG homepage, see
and that has been replaced by as the main SWIG mailing list. Please 
use the latter; see

> 2.2: DAWG: UNSAID and SOUCE issues
> See Dan Connoly;'s messge:

I have been looking at SPARQL. I believe SOURCE (or 'GRAPH', if the 
keyword gets renamed) is pretty essential. UNSAID, if it can be 
given a clear semantics and implimented efficiently (beyond my
competence to tell) would also be useful, but is not nearly as 
important for v1.0.
> ACTION: ralph to make a "List of WG documents" more apparent from the
>   home page
> 3.1 PORT (Alistair)
> PROPOSED to publish the SKOS Guide as 1st Working Draft:

I support publishing SKOS WD as-is, or with any minor tweaks Alistair
needs to make. The open issues section now addresses my 
main concern, which is the relationship between SKOS and RDF/OWL, 
ie. when are people supposed to model things as SKOS 'concepts' vs
simply using RDF classes, properties and individuals?

(is supposed to go out at
same time? or afterwards? wondering about cross-linking issues...).

> 3.3 WordNet (Aldo)
> ACTION: guus discuss Mark's participation in Wordnet tf with Brian
> ACTION: Brian and DanBri talk about Wordnet document

We talked. I believe last year. We could probably talk again...
> Overview of WordNet resources:

I should note that Brad Allen of Siderean also offered some Wordnet
/ RDF code. I'd be happy to take an action to follow that up, to 
have it tracked here. 
> 4, AOB

I guess I should give advance warning that I may need to leave the 
WG post-April, depending on details of my funding situation. I hope to 
spend some decent time on SKOS and Vocab Management work before then
(likely in late March and April rather than pre-Mar22, when most of 
my time is going on EU project proposal authoring).

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