[WNET],[OEP],[PORT] Available Wordnet resources

Hi all,

I have started recollecting what we have so far for the [WNET] TF. 
Apart from the OWL datamodel sketched months ago, and a general 
outline of the work, nothing new. Hence, I propose new flesh.

I would like to collect first of all the existing attempts at 
creating a repository of:

1) OWL datamodels for Wordnet (and for generalised lexical repositories)
2) OWL versions of the Wordnet database, and
3) OWL ontologies that logically encode the Wordnet lexicon.

I propose to refer to these different creatures with the following acronyms:

1) -> OWL-WN-DM (datamodel)
2) -> OWL-WN-DB (database)
3) -> OWL-WN-O (ontology)

The OWL-WN-DM proposed by this TF should be finalized soon.
An interesting proposal has been submitted to me from ISLE, a network 
of computational linguists working on a standard for encoding lexical 
repositories. Nancy Ide has prepared an rdf version of their 
proposal, which I have encoded in OWL, and will be downloaded in the 
archive and made available with a dedicated message.
In my view, this TF should make some effort to arrive at a convenient 
datamodel for generalized lexica, and the ISLE model can be a good 

A list of existing OWL-WN-DB resources is listed in the proposal, 
specially including Knowler, made after Wordnet 1.7. A couple of 
others have been submitted to me recently, and I will include them 

A new OWL-WN-O created at my lab (LOA) will be uploaded as well, and 
it's described in a separate message.
I also remember an OWL-WN-O made by Dan (Brickley).

The effort of collecting this material (Ralph, is it possible to 
create a page for that? otherwise, I can maintain it at my site) 
should lead to a Note that describes the scenario for using OWL 
resources for encoding WordNet.

When we have a preliminary repository, I'll contact the experts that 
maintain or use Wordnet, and are possibly willing to add other 



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