Semantic Web Interest Group meeting during W3C tech plenary (28Feb/1Mar)

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	Feb 28 / Mar 1 2005 
	Meeting of the W3C Semantic Web Interest Group
	Part of the W3C 2005 Technical Plenary, 
	Hyatt Harborside Hotel/ Boston, MA, USA

As last year, I have reserved a meeting room for 
SWIG discussions as part of the annual W3C Technical
Plenary. And as before, I've left it later than I
wish before announcing this and soliciting agenda 

I have made a skeleton page for the meeting at

Information about the *previous* meeting is online
(please take care not to confuse these pages! we are 
in Boston USA this year, not France ;)

Last year's gathering was quite fun. We had an 
informal "show and tell" environment in which 
SW developers and users gave short presentations of 
their work, set in the wider context of the SW 
standardisation efforts at W3C. The meeting 
is open to the public membership of this Interest
Group (ie. mailing list participants). Note that
you need to register (info linked from above url)
for meeting planning purposes. 

This year's should be similar to last year's, 
so see links from end of [2] to get an idea 
of how that went. This time I would be especially
interested to get presentations on topics relating 
to the publication, harvesting, aggregation etc. 
of RDF/XML and OWL-based data in the public Web.
There is plenty of room for other topics too, but 
I think it is time we had a push to get some 
more RDF information onto "ordinary" Websites. We 
already have a good amount of Dublin Core, RSS1,
FOAF and CreativeCommons data out there, but there
is potential for so much more. With that in mind,
I would particularly like to see suggestions for 
talks, discussion sessions etc that focus on
getting RDF/XML docs into the Web.

I have already persuaded(*) Phil Archer (ICRA) to give an 
overview of work he's been leading in Europe 
on RDF for PICS-like quality labelling, with 
particular emphasis on rules for associating a single
RDF-based description with multiple documents. I'd 
like to hear more such talks from other RDF 
implementors, in particular focussing on technical 
and other deployment obstacles to getting RDF
"out there" in the Web.

Send your suggestions to me or the
list, or record them in the Wiki page that Dan Connolly
started at

Thanks for your thoughts,


(*) in fact we're collaborating on this in the EU Quatro 
project; guess I should mention that in spirit of 

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